Friday, January 2, 2009

new poop?

Okay, I really don't have much to say about the new year except that the pooping situation in this household has got to change. Let's see...where to start? Hmmm... I guess life becomes a little bit unmanageable when your husband feels he must go down to the apartment complex pool bathrooms to take a dump, mommi has had to squat outside in the highly manicured bushes to unload in the dark at 5am, toddler G has so outgrown his maximally sized 6 diapers with his un-potty trained, maximally sized pee and poo that the soiled clothing, blankets & sheets overload the laundry basket on a daily basis...add into that lil' baby noah's contribution and i just can't even get the dirty diapers out of the house fast enough to prevent severe stinky trash build up. 

whew, feels good to just tell it like it is.

you see, the placement of noah's crib in our 2-bedroom-apartment kitchen-to-bathroom hallway laundry nook (as opposed to  in gabriel's room where they will wake each other up at this point in teething/time-changing/cold & flu time) has rendered both of our potties off-limits during sleeping hours. which quite frankly, sucks the big one. momma's gotta do her pooping when she's gotta do it. which most often comes between 5 & 6 am ( i know: obscenely early), which also coincides with noah's overly-awake too-early-in-the-morning wakings --- and since the toidy literally borders the door next to the head of his crib --- i either have to hamper any sound coming from my end (impossible...and pun intended), hold it for a long time (not a comfortable option), or find an alternate dumping ground.

(((sigh))) lord.

daddy won't even do this juggle. he gets his keys & his crackberry & heads straight for the pool bathrooms. it's his new sanctuary. his home away from home.

gabriel on the other hand has no problem dropping a load right in front of us in his diaper --- fully aware he's  doing it, alerting us in proper english "i'm pooping", yet entirely unwilling to sit his ass down on the super cool baby bjorn potty seat with mommy in tow reading his favorite mind-numbingly boring mickey mouse book.

(((sigh))) lordy.

anyway, other than poop issues, the new year sees our family healthy, growing & looking forward to ever-increasing love between each other.