Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the short blissful dumpster walk

these days i find myself slightly amused instead of suicidal about the never-ever ending trash production (read: diaper central) coming out of our lil' apartment: it means mommi gets to take the short blissful walk alone to the dumpster. ahhhhhhh such sweet serenity. a mere sliver of my former-life's daily hours-long  jaunts along venice beach's crazy boardwalk, yet the 100 yards walking alone to our dumpster seems to help mommi get just a bit, a teeny tiny bit, of groove back into her step. so don't tell anyone that i actually like when the recycles demand i make multiple trips. it's just that good to step on out by myself.


  1. motherhood really makes us appreciate the rare moments of solitude, yet we will miss the kiddos as they begin to separate from us...

  2. I used to feel the EXACT same way about the trip to the dumpster. Especially if it was right at twilight or if it was a little windy...so refreshing! Spit-up soaked shirt and uncombed hair and all, it felt so peaceful =) I love the blog!