Tuesday, January 27, 2009

get him noah, get him!

Can I take just one quick sec to bitch and get it out of the way  - I promise it'll be short: The 9pm hour is the only time I did not see on the clock last night. Please tell me I'll survive this.

On a much lighter note, what about this hilarious picture of Noah beating up Gabriel?? I LOVE it!!!! Since Gabriel first began hitting Noah - unfortunately within the first few days of his life - I've joked to my friends that I'm beefing Noah up as fast as possible (amazing feat accomplished by these little boobies) so that he can hold his own against tyrant big brother. 
WWF here we come.


  1. uh oh. i can see some serious thrashing between these two in years to come.

  2. As a younger brother who was mercilessly picked on by two older and stronger brothers I can only say...

    GO NOAH!