Monday, January 12, 2009

Never poop alone again

I was reading the title of an article on the cover of a La Leche League magazine promoting the family bed (co-sleeping) called "Who wants to sleep alone?" I thought very loudly to myself, "I do! That's who! I want my very own entire night's uninterrupted sleep, thank you very much."

Now a much more pertinent question in my world is, "Who wants to ever have to poop alone again?" Why ...  when you can have two brilliant little boyz buzzing around the toidy bowl while you plop away? And if you do want to poop alone again, don't be going around having babies because you will soon experience the non-optional family toilet, as opposed to choosing the family bed or not. And grotesquely enough, I like it this way. I honestly don't mind my infant yanking the toilet paper roll while my toddler hovers next to the flusher waiting for my cue:

"Okay Gabriel, wait until I'm finished. Wait, wait WAIT!!! Don't flush until I'm all done! I'm still pooping. ... Okay... all done. You can flush now."

Just thought I'd share a little slice of our morning routine.


  1. oh, gross! LOL so funny so true so disgusting

  2. Have Charles come over sometime and check out the shorty bunk bed I built. Maybe he could build you one. It's a platform that allows you to momentarily escape above the toddler line for a few Zs. Many a late night I come in from my office to hit the sack and find Allie sleeping in my top bunk, safely above Skyler's restless bedtime shenanigans.

  3. Rachel!

    I just read it all and loved every minute of it.
    I am babysiting Dakota right now and when I get here, my sister is working circles around me. I highly doubt Im cut out for the mommy thing, but I do love the godmother/aunt concept.

    I laughed so hard I cried at the re-org. and I hope you continue to post the "Truth" as you continue to grow, evolve and find a fun space.

    Okay, off to you tube to show her some brazilian music.

    Love you!!!!!!

  4. Might we be soul mates? ;-) A woman who isn't afraid to talk about antidepressants AND poop.

    You rock.