Thursday, February 12, 2009

Just what exactly is my job description?

Could it possibly be all of the following simultaneously in no particular orderMartyr, Masochist, Dishwasher, Waitress, Disciplinarian, Laundress, Nurse, Maid, Babysitter, Entertainer, Potty Trainer, Pacifier - to name a few. All with practically no prior experience and only on-the-job training. 

When I signed up, was there small print somewhere I missed that disclosed: no sick days, no vacation days, no weekends off. I must have totally overlooked the even smaller print underneath that small print that said: in fact, you have NO  days off whatsoever. sorry.  

PS. On the posting layout page this looked really cool, but not so much here.
PSS. I don't have even an ounce more of brainpower to fix it or squeeze out any more tongue-in-cheek anything due to two consecutive nights of fucked up, I mean supercalafragilisticexpyaladocious fucked up sleep due to more teething and more illness in the crib. !@#$#$%^&*!


  1. Hey Rachel, I feel for you and the sleep situation - or lack know the old saying that drives me crazy sometimes - it will soon pass - ok, so not soon enough, I know. Hang in there mama, today is a new day - wishing you as many zzzzs as the universe will hand you today.

  2. Oh girl, if they had that small print, NONE of us would ever become mom's. Well, except that lady who has 20 something kids on TV. But, only her.

    And teething sucks. I think they should either be born with them or get them when they move out. As though, we didn't endure enough birthing them.

    Hang in there....soon you'll be onto another annoying phase.