Monday, April 13, 2009

Noah's One

My little cuddle bunny boy turned one yesterday. His snuggly hugs give me the warmest fuzzies and his smiles send twinkle lights asparkle through my heart.

I am knock down, drag out mad crazy in love with him, can't stop staring adoringly at him and am a slave to the snot factory that is his nose right now.

One year ago yesterday I arrived at the hospital 9cm dialated, was rushed to delivery and unmedicatedly pushed him out so fast the doctor nearly missed the delivery. She came running in as nurses shimmied her into gown and gloves and said "Let's have a baby." And I did approximately 4 pushes (and 2 poops) later.  It was the most powerful moment of my life as woman and so warranted my involuntary "Fuck yeah!" triumphant Call of the Wild. I let another one of those bad boys rip just after they pushed out my placenta. Is that not the best feeling in the whole wide world?!

Anyway, today we've officially moved into the post-first-year supposedly "getting easier" part of having two boys this close in age. Hmmmm... so far today's been just as silly exhausting as ever. But there's a helluva lot more smiling and laughing going on between the three of us. We've become quite the little trio - G, N & I - and I like it this way. I wouldn't go back to my life alone, lonely and without them for the world. I feel an enhanced sense of purpose and service each and every day we are together. 

I am honored to be the one who cares for, nurtures and protects them. I am exhilarated by their growth and thrilled by their thriving souls. Now all I need is my cute, curly, pre-baby hair back and everything will be perfect. :)


  1. Well, shoot! Happy Birthday, Noah, and a big "Heck YES!" to you for surviving his first year, all while raising another kid, too. This is such an endearing post.

    I'm also giving you major props for an unmedicated delivery. I was in triage and was already asking for the epidural consent, just so it was ready when the time came.

  2. We had such a great time at Noah's party...thank you! And the cars for girls was definitely good...we must have spent a full hour (home sick) pushing it back and forth to each other on our coffee table! And Ava keeps saying, "Happy Noah" and "Monkey jump!"

  3. Hey Rachel! I found your blog when I was reading Eli's blog last week and it has entertained me so much (while I am supposed to be working!). Sounds like you guys are doing great and I can't believe how big your boys are! We are expecting #2 in June - a little girl this time. Even though we have fallen out of touch, I will never forget my BFSG ladies that I met in those first few tough weeks! Take care - Anjuli